2020 – Living a Miraculous Life – Expansion Group


Every day is a miraculous gift and when you are working with the Universe, you truly can maximize the MAGIC and MIRACLES in every single day!

This is the essence of what the Expansion Groups are all about. Through a dedicated and private Telegram Group, you will receive daily voice notes filled with inspirations and a tool to work with on the day to harness and fully utilize your potencies and capacities as the Master Creator of your life.

There is no doubt that this year has laid down the foundations for us all to let go of what no longer serves us any purpose and and it has highlighted what really is important in our lives. Even through the perceived chaos, we were asked to hold our vibrations, our thoughts, our words and our intentions as high and as pure as possible so that we could remain grounded in our essence of the infinite light beings we truly be.

This particular Expansion group was run in 2020(15th October to 15th November) and the tools are still as potent and relevant NOW then it was when we did the real time group. All the 2020 Expansion Groups are on sale to provide extra ease in your world on all levels.

The question is….will you choose it and will you choose FOR YOU instead of always choosing AGAINST YOU?

I look forward to sharing the magic with you!