2020 – Inspirational May – Expansion Telegram Group


This Expansion Group is the latest of the creations and was created through the months of Mid April to Mid May of 2020.

It is 30 days worth of tools – a voice note for each day and a written summary of the tools to use.

Being an Access Bars Facilitator, I pulled in all the Access Consciousness tools that I use personally on a daily basis and my aim is that you get as much out of the group as you possibly can by trying out the tools even if they make no logical sense to you at all.

The mind can be a dangerous tool if you allow yourself to be imprisoned by it’s limited belief systems.

Once you have have processed payment through the Paypal link, please make sure you provide a valid email address, so that we can email you the link to the Telegram Group and you can work your way through 30 days of expanding your energies and raising your vibrations.

This particular Expansion group was run in May 2020 and the tools are still as potent and relevant NOW then it was when we did the real time group. All the 2020 Expansion Groups are on sale to provide extra ease in your world on all levels.

The question is….will you choose it and will you choose FOR YOU instead of always choosing AGAINST YOU?