2020 – Abundant August – Expansion Group


This expansion journey was created in August 2020 and it still holds an immense amount of value in reframing how you think and feel about the topic of abundance.

We know that the word abundance means “plenty” and when you allow yourself to cultivate a mindset of prosperity, which is actually our Divine birthright, you open up your capacities to receive an abundance of prosperity in ALL areas of your life.

I invite you to join me for this unique 31 day journey where you will receive daily voice notes that will include tools and affirmations to remind you that you are first and foremost an Infinite Being and that abundance and prosperity are easier to attract than you could possibly imagine. it just takes the willingness to receive what it is truly yours by Divine right by eliminating the old poverty consciousness mindset.

These expansion journeys have been created on the Telegram platform in a private channel and once you have purchased this journey, you can choose to revisit and repeat the journey any time you feel drawn to.

Would you like to out-create your life, your living, your body, your bank account and this reality?

Join me on this expansion journey and let’s see what we can create together!!

P.S. All the 2020 Expansion Groups are on sale to provide extra ease in your world on all levels.

P.P.S. Once payment has been made, you will receive an email from with the link to the Private Telegram Group so please be sure that your email address is correct when completing your order.