2022 – Evolve or Repeat – Expansion Journey – 21 Days

With every experience you go through, you have the opportunity to evolve from that experience by aligning with your Highest Self to see the gift and the blessings or you choose to align with the Ego Self by staying in the repeat loop of blame, shame, anger and guilt thereby attracting the same experience over and over again, just with different characters and situations. And in order to be part of creating the NEW Earth and bringing forth the possibilities that are available, we are being asked to dissolve and drop the ego self and everything that we make vital, valuable and real about this artificial world, we call this reality.

In this particular expansion journey has been the most profound one yet. We flow through attunements from Crystal Oversouls and messages from the Sacred Forest oracle deck. Each day provides a greater expansion of our energy fields and the daily tools we flow through shift your energies so it provides more space and permission for you step into EVOLVE mode, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Although this expansion journey took place in real time space through the period 4th July to 24th July 2022, the power of this journey truly does transcend all space and time.

If you sense that you have a part to play in this incredible transition, I invite you to journey with me for 21 days to find out what is available and possible for you, your life and your living when you are in the highest vibrations and frequencies and when you are tapped into your highest and most purest of potencies and capacities as the Alchemist you truly be.

Remember it takes 21 days to create a new habit and then you have the expansion journey to revisit again and again, to truly deepen the experience so that you are able to out-create this reality with the greatest of ease, joy and as if by magic. All expansion journeys are done via the Telegram App in a private channel.

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