2022 – Changing Tracks – Expansion Journey – 21 Days

Everything is energy and energy is always moving so when it comes to the action of change in this reality, we really are able to master a different kind of mindset and energy towards things that are changing in our life or to make the necessary changes that are required to achieve the life, living and body that we truly desire. We just haven’t been taught how to embrace the energy of change and most times, we resist it and fight it and deplete our energy fields because of the resistance.

So what if change could be easy AND fun?? Personally change is one of the things that I have always been really comfortable with. When it hasn’t felt comfortable, I know that I was buying the lies and points of views of this limited 3D reality. So through this 21 days Group Expansion Journey, we’ll flow through tools and insights that will assist you to become a MASTER of embracing change. How does it get even better than that?!

In real time, we start this journey of Monday 21st November and end on Sunday 11th December although ALL of the expansion journeys in the shop area can be purchased to flow and journey through in your own pace and style through at ANY time in the future.

SA RESIDENTS – Please note that your investment is R555. In order to receive this special rate, please send an email to: support@keepitconsciouscoaching.com.

For Non SA Residents – If the quick PayPal method button does not work, please use to “add to cart” option