2021 – May Mind Reset – 21 Days Expanding your Mind Journey – Expansion Telegram Channel


I’m so excited to be sharing the next LIVE journey of 21 days of expanding and mastering your mind with anyone and everyone who would like to choose to truly master their lives. These expansion groups are an amazing way to receive a mini Personal Mastery Coaching Journey especially if at the moment, private 1:1 coaching journeys are not possible for you.

If you have never chosen an Expansion Journey with me before, this is how it flows:

Though a Private Telegram Channel of subscribers (paid members) we will journey together for 21 days through daily voice notes from me, guiding you with affirmations, intentions, tools, questions and different perspective to master your mindset so that you can embrace a different way of being, knowing, perceiving and receiving and explore this new way even further as energy starts to shift and move in your mind and your world and greater possibilities and opportunities start to show up, literally as if by magic!!!

The power of doing events of any kind in groups as always shown massive results. Why? Well when like minded beings hold the exact same positive and uplifted mindsets, vibrations, frequencies and space to go from the ordinary to the EXTRA ordinary, ripples and then waves of transformation occur.

What do you require to participate?

All that you require is a smartphone and the Telegram App, which you can download from the App/Play Store on most smartphones.

Once payment has been made, you will receive an email within 24 hours with the link to join the Private Telegram Channel. The channel will only have the voice notes and written tools from me as well as some beautiful picture creations of the tools/affirmations/questions which you can print out to create a beautiful vision board or create your own unique journal or whatever else you feel inspired to create with them.

There will also be a Private Facebook Group where everyone can feel free to share their experiences and there will be one or two or maybe even 3 FB Live events where I can answer any questions that might be coming up for you and we can dive even deeper into raising greater levels of awareness and consciousness.

This LIVE EVENT starts on Wednesday 5th May 2021 and ends on Tuesday 25th May 2021 and I truly look forward to sharing this mindset journey with you