2021 – Living in the question of possibilities ~ 31-Days Expansion Group Journey – August 2021


What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail??

When you are fully aligned with your spirit, body and mind connections, you are able to create the most amazing lives:

Lives that transcend this reality/illusion as you are able to expand your awareness to truly know, be, perceive and receive BEYOND what currently is AND you get to create and choose far more than you ever imagined possible.

This 31-days Expansion Journey is all about exploring that possibility through learning to embrace “Living in the question’ of by:

1)Stopping the doubt and learning to trust YOU and YOUR KNOWING.

2)Stopping the judgement of you, everything and everything around you and to just BE in allowance of everything.

3) Choose what works and flows for you.

4) Drop your barriers of resistance.

5) Ask questions every day, all day.

What I have witnessed with the world wide Plandemic (yes PLANDEMIC) is the absolute extent of the brainwashing programmes/simulations that are running and that if you are not fully plugged into your awareness and constantly asking questions, you will continue to be part of the probabilities and not part of the possibilities.

We are far more powerful than we know and it is my aim to assist as many people as possible to tap back into that power, to step into their LIGHT so that they are always aligned to THEIR KNOWING and because of that, they are able to create the most amazing and magical lives and that they are able to THRIVE, even in a PLANDEMIC!

Starts Sunday 1st August and ends Tuesday 31st August 2021.

Every day you will receive a voice note with the message, tool and/or affirmation for the day via the Telegram App into a specific channel for this August 2021 Expansion Group. It will be like having a Personal Mastery Coach in your pocket for 31 days. How does it get even better than this?!

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I truly look forward to sharing this journey of transformation with you.