2021 – Living Beyond Distraction – Expansion Group – 30 Days – November 2021


Can you imagine a world where you start to function BEYOND distraction? Where you are able to be so tuned into your awareness that you are able to out-create your life, your living and your body in EVERY single day?

And if you think that you are not living through the lens of distraction, let me ask you this question: What does your first hour of your day look like?

Is it distraction free, calm and your power hour of going through affirmations, tools and powerful intentions for the day ahead?

Or are you immediately on your phone or your computer checking through social media, emails or allowing worse case scenarios to play through your mind of what you have to achieve through the day or stressing yourself out by not having created enough time for yourself to enjoy that cup of tea, coffee or lemon water and a quiet moment?

If your morning is very much like the second option then this particular Expansion Group just might be for you. Every day, for 30 days, you will receive a voice note and a written message with the highlights of the tools and affirmations you can use throughout that day via a Private Telegram Channel that is set up purely for this particular Expansion group. The voice note is channeled through me in the morning and I never know what information or tools is going to come through however I have learnt to trust the flow.

There is also a separate group chat that gets created so that if anyone wants to share something that is coming up for them through the Expansion Journey, there is that safe space.

These Expansion Groups are designed to get you into the beautiful habit of being conscious, awake, aware and plugged into the flow of energy every single day and when that energy is harnessed in the best way, you can create massive amounts of ease and joy in your life, living and body. The investment goes beyond just the duration of the course as you are able to re-listen to the voice notes long after the group has come and gone and allow each tool and message to go even deeper every time you re-listen to it.

So if you are ready to start living a life BEYOND distraction, I look forward to sharing this expansion journey with you.