Marie-Claire Hayes

Personal Mastery Coach & Spiritual Mentor

Guiding you to the Alchemist you truly be!










I am a Personal Mastery Coach & Spiritual Mentor.

My toolbox is filled with amazing modalities like:

Access Bars Therapy & Access Body Processes,
Access Consciousness Tools,
Crystal Healing,
EFT & EFT Matrix ReImprinting (Emotional Freedom Tapping),
NLP Life Coaching,
Past Life Regression Therapy,
and Transpersonal Numerology.

I have always known that I was born to be a healer;
a generator of change and possibilities and
I look forward to being part of your transformational journey,
so that you too can be the alchemist you truly be and live the most grand and glorious life.

Hi, I’m Marie-Claire Hayes

I have known for as long as I can remember that my life’s purpose was to assist and guide people to become better versions of themselves.

As a child, I had no idea ‘HOW’ this was going to happen, I had to trust the journey.

After completing a Reiki Level 1 class in 1997, I felt for the first time that I actually ‘belonged’. I have never considered myself an Academic so the language of ENERGY came really easy to me.

Although I didn’t SEE energy like others in the class, I just knew what I was perceiving and receiving and gifting through the Reiki Attunements and healing sessions was the real thing. I went on to become a Reiki Usui Master.


Access Bars Practitioner

EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) Practitioner


NLP Practitioner & Life Coach

Reiki Usui Master

Past Life Regression Therapist

Transpersonal Numerology

While still working full time in the Travel Industry I started using weekends and evenings to offer healing sessions. Practicing what I loved until 2004 when I felt a strong pull. I knew it was time to step into my healing practice full-time. Everyone at the time warned me against leaving the “security” of a full-time job. I have never looked back. Not once!

In 2011 Karl Dawson visited South Africa to teach an EFT Course and more importantly to share his specialty training Matrix Reimprinting.

This was my first experience in the world of quantum physics and I now know that this training created the energetic pathway for the online healing work that I currently provide through the Personal Mastery Coaching Journeys.

In 2012 I came upon the teachings of Access Consciousness ®️. My life and world turned around in ways I could never have imagined as this modality only amplified what the Matrix Reimprinting training had already created within my energy field.

My personal journey to self-mastery exploded and expanded. It continues to grow while I add new skills, knowledge and modalities to my life and coaching practice.

What was the biggest shift that occurred for me you might ask?

There is one simple awareness and reminder: We are not broken, far from it. The one thing preventing us from truly living the life we desire is our wounded and corrupted mindset.

We live in a world where the system has completely failed us.

We are ruled by ego, control, greed, judgment, and separation

Parents have unknowingly handed down decades and lifetimes of inherent bad programming. Schools continue to put children into form and structure placing them under extreme unnecessary pressure.

Those considered ‘different’ are placed on numbing medication, as they are far easier to reason and deal with in this subdued state. 

This third-dimensional reality is a world where the draconian rule of judgment and competition serves only those in power.

However, I know we are capable of mastering our minds and ultimately mastering our lives. I know that we are able to create the most powerful mindsets that will set us apart from people choosing to remain plugged into the dense matter of illusion and limitation.

Today I am living the talk and walking the walk. Honored and grateful to be working one on one with the most amazing people. People who are ready to choose and embrace a life constantly filled with many exciting opportunities. Something far better, far easier, having more fun while being abundantly creative. More prosperous than you could possibly imagine!

A life filled with more possibilities than probabilities.

I invite you to step into the world of magic, miracles, and possibilities.

When you are truly ready to change your life and begin your own personal journey of mastery you will choose to seek out a coach and mentor. 

If what I offer resonates with you, I’d love for you to get in touch via email, and let’s see what we can create together.

Much Gratitude, Love & Magic Always,

Marie-Claire (M-C)

My Unique Style of Coaching

I provide a very brief outline of what to expect in the Personal Mastery Coaching journeys as I work completely from intuition, within your energy fields and with no form and structure which means that each and every client’s journey with me is going to be as unique, special and magnificent as they are.

The ultimate aim throughout all the Personal Mastery journey’s is for you to become the best version of yourself and for you to break free from the all perceived limitations and to consistently master each and every area of your life on a daily basis through the law of attraction, deliberate creation, the law of allowance and the other laws of The Universe.

Now is the time to embrace the ever-evolving journey that exists for us all and become the master of your mind, the master of your energies, and the master of your life.

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