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Welcome to Keep it Conscious, where Marie-Claire Hayes guides you back towards who you truly are

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I have always known that I was born to be a healer; a generator of change and possibilities and

I look forward to being part of your transformational journey so that you too can be the alchemist you truly be.

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What is Personal Mastery?
Who is it For?

The personal mastery coaching journeys I offer are what we all hoped to receive when we first incarnated on this beautiful planet…a guide on how to navigate the game of life as a spiritual-energetic being having a temporary physical experience.

Once you embrace and master a new way of BEING including how to maximize your words and thoughts; how to harness and redirect your energies so that you are able to out-create your previous manifestations and actualizations and most importantly, by stepping out of your own way, you will be able to live your best life yet by embracing mastering the present moment and using that momentum to propel you forward into infinite possibilities and opportunities.

And with three Personal Mastery Coaching Journeys to choose from depending on your level of awareness and consciousness, there is something for everyone looking to create beyond the ordinary to become extraordinary.

Are the Personal Mastery Coaching Journeys online or in person?

All the coaching journeys, including the free Synergy Session, are done online via the Zoom platform.

What is an expansion group?

For those who are not able to invest in a Personal Mastery Coaching Journey, the Expansion Groups that you will find in the shop are a phenomenal way to receive guidance and tools on how to create change within your life, if you actually apply the tools.

Even if you are not able to join a real-time Expansin Group, you are still able to purchase them as you are able to work through the journey at your own pace.

How does the payment structure for each journey work?

All journeys are paid up in front and in full and a contract is signed by both client and coach to hold each other accountable. If for whatever reason, a session is missed by a client, there is no refund or rescheduling of that session. As a client, you are letting yourself down by not honoring your transformation journey. This allows you to step into the practice of SELF IS.

I see you have a Telegram Channel that I can join. What is that all about?
I’m always looking at doing things a little differently and newsletters via emails have never been fun for me. So I created a Telegram Channel for people to choose to subscribe to (which is free) where I can keep everyone informed with the latest news relating to the Personal Mastery Coaching Journeys I offer.
I am curious and would love to give this a go. Where do I start?
Everyone starts with a Personal ALCHEMY session. This is a once-off paid session which is around 90 mins to 2 hours and if what occurs through this session blows your mind (in the best possible way) then you can choose to continue the journey with one of the three Personal Mastery Coaching journeys.

About Me

I have always known that I was born to be a healer;
a generator of change and possibilities and

I look forward to being part of your transformational journey so that you too can be the alchemist you truly be.

I invite you to step into my world of magic, miracles, and possibilities and if you are truly ready to change your life and begin your own personal mastery journey and you are looking for a coach and mentor, I’d love for you to get in touch via email and let’s see what we can create together.


Since my session with MC, I BE absolutely fabulous. Things are flowing for me at last and the daily tools are incredible. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

~ Jason Ashington

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you … I love your expansion groups – they have changed my life … 💕💕💕💕

~ Janine Hall Hyman

“Marie-Claire is one of the planet’s most magical ladies. Her knowledge of energy work is in-depth and her ability to convert this knowledge into meaningful therapies is outstanding.”

~ Margie Candy

Marie-Claire Hayes Testimonials

Marie-Claire you have been nothing but INCREDIBLE. You have really just guided me to become more open and to really let my light shine. I came to you knowing that I had something inside of me that desperately wanted to come out, and when it did… BOOM…. Nothing has been the same since.

~ Annie Willson